How to set up and auto-mirror a networked drive?

Sep 23, 2014
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So here's the situation. I currently have a MBP Retina 15 (max spec'd), and there are some design processes that still run a little slow for my liking. Given that I spend about half my working life at a desk plugged into a monitor anyway, I figured I'd get a Mac Pro to use when I'm in the office.

What I need help with is how to:
-Set up an external networked drive so that I can open and save all my projects to the same place regardless of which machine I'm working on. I spend 90% of my laptop working time at home on the same network.
-Have the networked drive auto-back up to another external storage device so that in case of HD failure. Basically I want to save a file, and have it expeditiously (ideally instantly, but the sooner the better) back up to the secondary HD.

Somebody at the Apple Store suggested using a USB HD plugged into Airport Extreme, and that would work, I suppose, but
1) I'd really prefer something plugged in to the Mac Pro to speed up the data transfer at least one one machine.
2) There's only 1 USB port on the Airport Extreme. So if we were to go this way, the back up mechanism would need to be built in to the drive -- some sort of double external HD that auto-mirrors.

Any suggestions?

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