How to make a Disk Image of an installed Program

Jan 30, 2012
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I have Photoshop CS2 on my Powerbook G4 Laptop. Got it when Adobe was giving it away. They have since retracted the offer. I got a Mac Pro and copied it to that machine and it wont let me register it. I'm thinking I can make a disk image of the installed program and install it on the Pro. How do I do that and make sure all the correct pieces are included?


Adobe and never actually gave away a copy of CS 2. They did make a update of it available to registered users, and some media reports mistakenly identified it as a free download. That was not true. The people who took advantage of the reports and downloaded it inadvertently pirated it.

So, not blaming her judging anyone, the right thing to do is to delete that copy of CS 2 that you have. Either buy a copy of CS6, the last standalone version, or sign up to subscribe to the current CC suite if you want to continue legally using Adobe software.

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