How to get iPhone pics/vids onto my desktop?

Oct 14, 2010
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How can I get my iPhone videos or photos onto my Macbook's desktop directly - ie - without going online, without needing to join websites, without using middleman apps to get the job done?

I can see my iPhone's HD in the 'devices' side menu in any 'finder' window, but I need a MobileMe account to access it... go to MobileMe and you can't create new accounts anymore.

I can import my media via iPhoto, but even then you need to click your way through multiple import/export screens just to access your pics and videos.

You can also send out to an email account then downloading them back to my desktop... but truly, this is a PITA and chews through data limits.

Can't I just click and drag files from an iPhone? Why is access so indirect?
Sep 30, 2007
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Just grab PhotoSync for your iPhone. It's 2 bucks and does a great job at transferring photos/videos over wi-fi. Apple isn't ever going to make it as easy as this. They are more interested in pushing iCloud and their Photostream service, hoping people will pony up for a subscription when they hit the storage caps.

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