How to download video shot on ipod nano to macbook?

Mar 20, 2010
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I was expecting to plug the Nano in and it to be very easy to get the video i shot on it, onto my computer, either downloading to itunes or iphoto...but for the life of me i can't seem to figure it out.

When I have search the problem on Google, it says the Nano should automatically open itunes, which it does, but i cant find the video to download.

I have even read I can open iphoto and select ipod from "Devices" and download from there...but there is no "Devices" option in the source bar on the left hand side of the iphoto window.

can anyone please help me?



iPhoto is the content manager for the iPod video. Doesn't make sense to me but whatever.

I noticed having iPhoto open when you plug in the iPod makes a difference. On my computer as soon as the iPod is finished syncing with iTunes it gets ejected. I have not figured out how to stop this from happening.

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