how to control bluetooth on macbook pro

Nov 16, 2014
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Actually the title I wrote is not accurate but I can't seem to edit the title. It should say "When to control bluetooth..." Anyway. I was just browsing through the info in the System Profiler, and when I clicked on Bluetooth it says that bluetooth is on, enabled, discoverable and that serial port 1 is open and requires no authorization. I don't use any bluetooth devices currently. This sounds to me like a security flaw if i were to use my macbook pro in a coffee shop for example. Is there some reason that bluetooth is on? Is there any reason to leave it on? I just went and turned it off and also turned off serial port 1 under the advanced tab. Any reason this is not wise? thanks.


If you're not using Bluetooth for anything, then turning it off was a good idea. Saves battery.

The chances of it being used as a security flaw are phenomenally low, but simply turning it off eliminated any possibility of an issue there.

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