how to burn *.dmg files on pc



does anyone know how to burn dmg files to pc to mac because i got a dmg file and i cant burn it to a mac from a pc computer it says invaid format and i have mac 8.6 any programs for pc to burn dmg


I think that you can use Nero (full, professional version). Also, if you're using mac OS 8.6 -- I don't know if it will work anyway. OS X will, I think...I've been able to use CD's on either PC or Mac, really easily. I used Nero professional to burn, and things opened up in my mac, and I just dragged the files around. I did things the opposite way, too. I just put in a blank CD, dragged what I wanted onto the blank CD, and pressed the burn button. The CD worked in windows fine.

But, this is using OS X, not 8.6. I don't even think I've used 8.6 before, in school (late 1990s), we had OS 9...I think. It wasn't osx, and the computers were really old. Maybe it as 8. I don't know. I used apple IIe's once, long ago, in school. And windows computers, too, of course. windows 3.1...I know people who still use it, and dos; they are scary people, with 386s, in basement abodes

--nate :)

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