How To Auto-Import To iphoto

Jan 1, 2015
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Hello. Does anyone know how to steup auto-importing to iphoto? What I'm trying to do is have a folder on my desktop so that every time I drag/drop photos into it it automatically adds those photos to the iphoto app without deleting them from the actual folder. I tried using an 'automator folder action' but either it didn't work or I did it wrong. Is it possible to do what I'm after? (kind of like itunes does the auto-add to library, I want the same for photos). I'm using Yosemite on a mac2010. thanks.
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May 19, 2009
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Yes there is.

Goto Pictures folder and look for your iPhoto Library. Now right click (or Ctrl+Click) the Library and your will see 'Show Package Contents'. Double click that and it will open into another Window.
Now look for the Folder Auto Import and click it to highlight the folder.
Now hold down ⌥⌘ (Option + Command keys) and drag the folder to your Desktop and drop it. It has now made a Alias of that Auto Import Folder on your Desktop, and you can now drag what ever photos you want into it, and next time iPhoto is opened, it will Automagically import the photos into iPhoto.

Now to make things even easier, you can just click and drag that same Folder (Auto Import) into the Sidebar of Finder, so it is always there, and you can now select images in Finder and drag and drop them into that Folder in the Finder Sidebar, and again, when iPhoto is opened, it will import the Photos Automagically :)


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