How is Microsoft Virtual PC on PowerBook G4?

Aug 28, 2004
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Hey everyone, I'm looking to get the high end PowerBook 15". I've always been a Windows user, never owned a mac. I'd like to use VirtualPC to run windows because there's some programs for windows I can't live without, such as Office 2003's One Note, and Access/Visio. I'm just curious, how does this run? I've used vmware on Linux and my PC and it's fairly fast on my P4 1.3ghz. Basically I'm just curious if it will be quite obvious to tell that it is an emulation, or in running a program like Office and such would it be hard to tell that it's not really on a PC? I just don't want to purchase Virtual PC and find I never use it because it's running slow most of the time or something. Thanks.

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