How do I transfer all my work from my G4 to my new G5???



I have recently purchased a G5 but now face the problem of transfering all my work files on to my new G5. I don't have a clue where to begin. Can anyone help? Which is the easiest way? Do i have to buy a device to help me link both macs together? I'm sooooooo lost.


You can use an ethernet cable to link the two machines and then mount the hard drive of one machine on the other. You can accomplish this by first plugging in the ethernet cable into both machines. Then in the finder toolbar, under the GO option is the command "connect to server" (hotkey command-k). Enter the target machines IP (you can manually esablish one in the system preferances/network). It should then mount the target hard drive on the desktop, (note: filesharing must be turned on on both machines).

As far as the work that you have, the easiest way i have found to move the data is to move the contents of your user profile (macintosh HD/users/username/) to the user folder of the new machine.
(also note: certain progams can also be moved without trouble form one machine to the next in the same fashion.)

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