How do i set up a wireless access point with my MacBook Pro?

Apr 12, 2007
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Tripoli, Libya
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MBP, 15 inch, 2.3 C2D
Hi Everyone,

I bought a 15" MBP C2D in January, and since then have been enjoying the ride and customizing it with all those must-have apps ( Quicksilver- incredible!)=

I did notice a good samatiran fellowship thing in Mac-Forums, and was hoping ya'll could assist in setting up a wireless access point with my MBP so I can connect wirelessly instead of connecting via Ethernet as I do now =

I'll try being concise and include all the info to solve the problem -

I have a Linksys Wireless G ADSL Home Gateway ( WAG354G), and I did manage to get my Dell Inspiron connected wirelessly ( before I got my MBR) and still connects just fine - however, using Internet Connect and wat not on the MBR, I still dont know how to get it right -

I;m using a wireless Access Point, not a router, does anyone have experience in setting up a wireless connection using a wireless access point and MBP?

If any further information is needed, just let me know -- much appreciated any and all the help I can get --

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