How do I print to a network printer behind 2 routers?



I am using a router with a cable modem and then I have a second wireless router attached. When I am connected via ethernet to router 1 everything is fine: I can print to a shared printer connected to another Mac (same router), I can use Apple Remote Desktop to connect to the other Mac and I can connect to the other Mac by using cmd-k and typing in the IP address.
Unfortunately the fun ends when I connect to the second router (via airport). Now I am on a different network (in Apple terms) and, interestingly, I can still connect to the other Mac via cmd-K but I cannot print any longer (which is my main disappointment) and I cannot control the other Mac via Apple Remote Desktop. What do I need to do to be able to print to a printer connceted to another Mac on a different router?
Your help is very much appreciated.


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