How do I play .psf files?



Alright, previously I had wanted to play .spc files (like mp3s specifically from SNES games) on a Mac, and it turned out there was one program that could do it: Audio Overload. This is compared to dozens for Windows. :(
I'm happy that I could, but now I'm faced with a similar problem, and this one seems unsolvable: I'd like to play .psf files. Those are like mp3s specifically from PSX and PS2 games. Once again, there are dozens of psf players for Windows, but there are absolutely none for Macs (Audio Overload only plays digital music files of older systems). Or are there? If anyone could find a way for me to do it, I'd be very grateful. Otherwise, I'll have to borrow a Windows CD from a friend in order to operate Virtual PC, a PC. I've really thought about it for awhile, and I probably will soon enough (I just hope it's worth the money, since I know I can get a really good custom one for only about $600 Canadian). It wouldn't just be for the .psf files, obviously. Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions on how to play psf files?

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