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I am looking to start an http server so that I can host my own site.

What are the the minumum requirments I should have as far as using mac box goes to host the site. What software will I need.

I was thinking if I can, I want to use an old mac box running OSX that I can telnet in to cause I don't want to use a monitor I want to do this as inexpensive as possible, to update and uploade to? Will I need alot of ram HD space.

I'm sorry if this sounds a bit choppy but I know that you can use Apache on Red Hat or on Windows (I don'l like Windows) to do this. I'm looking for an apple solution to do this.

Any Help would be great.


In theory you can set up a website on your computer from home (its all built in to OSX). You probably should have a pretty fast internet connection though. People may experiance some serious delays if you have a 15k cap upload. Remeber its going to fudge your BW on all your comptuers in the house. Not to mention if you have a succesfull site your going to have some SERIOUS bandwidth issues.

You can accomplish this with appache and a static IP address though. If you have a dynamic IP address your going to need addtional software. I think has something of that sort.

If I were you, I'd just get your own hosting account. Its really not worth all the bother of doing all that if you can get hosting for 5-10 bucks a month with resources 10 times what you will probably get running off your own box. Your going to be using all your computers resources, so don't plan on using it as a computer, and your BW and internet connection are going to be slow.

Just me 2 Centavos :)

See Sig for cheap hosting ;)
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I agree with the above, unless you just want to do it for fun, or just to know how. if you decide to run a server you can find a great tutorial at
Also, if you have a router you will need to figure out how to negotiate a Google search for help or you may find help at the above site.
Good Luck...

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