HORRIBLE framerates in OS 10.3 !!



I bought & installed 10.3 a couple of weeks ago & my framerates for ALL my 3-d apps (games) dropped to about 1-2fps. I first chose the "update" option with Panther and was told to do a clean install (apparently others have experienced the same problem) and that the clean install should fix the problem. The clean install DOUBLED my framerates to 2-4fps which is still completely unacceptable. I have notified APPLE and gotten mixed support with this problem. One of their "techies" actually tried to tell me that all the game developers needed to release 10.3 patches and that it was an Apple issue. I did a complete and thorough system check and everything was & still is, working fine. (yes I checked my RAM)

So for the time being I have uninstalled 10.3 and gone back to 10.2.8 which has restored my framerates to their original glory (12-24fps depending on the app).

Here are my system specs: eMac 700mhz 256k L2 cache, 768m of RAM, 100mhz system bus, nVidia geforce MX2 32m, DSL clocked around 1.3-1.4 Mbps.

If anyone else has or is experiencing any performance problems with 10.3 upgrade please let us all know. Or if you have an idea of what the problem might be, let us know too.

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