hooking up a broadband router



I wonder if any one out there has done this recently and can help?
I have an imac on macos 9.1 on ntl broadband and wish to add a router so I can hook a PS2 for online gaming.I've followed the instructions which seem quite easy,(the TCP/IP is connected via ethernet) the problem is configuiring the router,it says change the name and password in my in case Netscape explorer but when I do I'M losing the connection!
The ntl has a desktop feature called correctconnect which allows you to monitor the online status but basically everytime I try to connect the router I'm losing the connection!
I suspect the name and password is conflicting with the way the internet is set up, or there are other procedures I must do which are not mentioned in the guidel.
can anyone help me ?
Thanks in advance. :mad:

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