Home networking with Mac OS X Server

Oct 3, 2009
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
I know that you can use Mac OS X Server in a mostly Windows environment, however, do I necessarily have to, considering that all I'm using the server for is hosting a website?

And on top of that, since I do want to host a website from the server, is there some sort of thing I have to hook up, set up etc. hardware or software/OS wise to run the website?

And furthermore, if I change my mind later, and decide to use the server as a home networking server, what exactly can I use (I'm using Mac OS X Tiger Server) to manage the network? Everyone checks their mail through the web, not a mail application (like I do on both my Windows 7 laptop and Mac mini)...and internet connectivity is provided for through means of a wireless router, which itself gets internet through our cable company.

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