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Mar 14, 2007
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20" iMac w/ 2nd 20" widescreen, 3gig ram, 250 internal - 1tb external. 30gig iPod.
So I got my Mac not too long ago, and it's amazing. But the rest of my equipment is still Windowz (for the moment) and I was hoping that you folks could shoot some suggestions my way...

I have a main system that I use as a TiVo and a file server (winxp) in the living room. I just got a WD 1TB external My Book hard drive for use with that. It's not redundant, but I only want to keep some of the things that I won't miss if the system crashes: media and the like. So I set the TiVo software (Gb-PVR) up to record to that.
I was also wanting to move my music collection over - I'm not too worried about it blinking offline as I have everything on my iPod.
I also want to use this as my Adobe Version Cue server. I have CS2 on my Mac, and my tablet PC and I would like to keep all my art up to date (synched?) on both systems, with the server acting as a resource bump (source art and such) and I understand that Version Cue does this...
(that would also allow me to keep iPhoto just for personal/family photos :)

I also have an external 250Gig that I would like to use as a backup of important things, I would ideally like this process to be automatic, once a month or once a week having files (and system setting would be uber cool, but I have no idea how) copied to this drive. Photos, Documents, Desktop Stuff, etc (only from the Mac)

So my questions:
It seems that Deja Vu came with Toast, so I guess that can work, but coming off windows my faith in bundled programs in minimal... better solutions?

Also, with all my media on the external on the TiVo, how do I set iTunes to look at that instead of... wherever it looks now... to see all my recorded TV shows and music?

And lastly, in order to do this I will have to enable Windows file sharing and such I'm sure.. is there anything I should do to make sure that I am safe? I have Norton Personal Firewall on the TiVo and the Laptop (2003 and 2004 respectively) and I've come to trust those, I guess I'll just add the Mac’s address to the trusted network zone on the TiVo, but I'm worried about that making my Mac venerable. Also it seems to share my home drive with the TiVo, which I can't say I'm psyched about, is there a way to just make it a shared folder, I don't want to have that open to everyone, it kinda creeps me out. I mean it asks for a username and password and all, but ya, still makes me feel funny. In fact, if there is a way to not share anything at all, I'm cool with writing to the networked TiVo drive and having my Mac have nothing available from other systems...

So there ya go, that's my trouble. I'm a DBA so I have some tech skills, but networking is another dept. so I'm a little concerned about the fine points (and I did just switch to Mac, so ya) anyway, any suggestions would be forever valued and appreciated. Thanks :mac:

P.S. while I'm thinking about it, what's the deal with iPhoto's file structer? Is just dumping everything in my Pictures folder and letting iPhoto sort it out really the best way to do things, why can't I just make folders and have those folders be albums?

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