Home Airtunes setup suggestions needed

Oct 22, 2009
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iMac 21.5", iPhone 4
I've been using an airport express to stream my itunes (on imac) to some Harmon Kardon Soundsticks in my kitchen/dining room for some time now and I love it.

The wife and I use our iphones to control what's on and the volume etc. It works so well.

I want to eventually have an airport in each room of the house, but I'm investigating a setup for my bathroom.

I'm thinking some ceiling mounted speakers (maybe even some car or marine speakers with a DIY soundbox behind them) in the bathroom and installing an airport express and amp in the loft/attic above the bathroom.

I've been looking at a cheap(ish) amp that can be stowed away in the loft and just left on with the volume set at whatever level (then control volume with apple Remote app). Any suggestions?

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