hitachi monitor help please



Hi all

I just bought a hitachi 19 inch (CM721F) for my powermac G4 running OSX 10.2.8 and am having some problem. Most jpegs and bitmaps show up fine but certain bitmaps and jpegs come out magenta shaded and smeared all around. I did a test and viewed some webpages with jpegs in internet explorer, which looked fine. Then I downloaded the same jpegs onto my desktop and the same problem with the color and smearing occurs... Is there a solution for this?

PS I purchased the Monitor through and they said that I needed to talk to apple support about this and I contacted apple support and they said that I needed to contact Hitachi. Who have not anwered my email yet... Help?!


That's totally bizarre... Monitors are in general quite dumb, they can't "see" what they are displaying or influence it... although the digital LCDs could possibly... I saw an ad for one by NEC or something that "brightens" all images... must be some fancy Windoze drivers doing that. Anyway I doubt your monitor is faulty, but you'll have to take some digital photos of the fault and post them so we can see what you mean!


Have you tried to calibrate your monitor with OSX?

See Applications / Utilites / Display Calibrator. Try that see if you can adjust the colors that way.


hitachi problem

I was just surfing because I'm having the same problem. But mine didn't show up until I installed panther then I installed Photoshop 7 and 8. My problem only afftects photoshop. I talked with adobe and they suggested I repair the disk permissions in the utilities folder under the applications folder. but it still didn't help. I'm looking to see if there is a update to the video driver for this model but I haven't found one. It appears to be related to running OSX 10.2.8 or later. Anyone have any other suggestions.


Same problem

I am having the same problem with a Hitachi CM721F hooked up to a G4/466, with both the stock ATI Rage128 card and a GeForce2 MX. (I tried swapping out the video card to see if it was the problem. It wasn't.) It's definitely the monitor, because if I hook up a different monitor the problem goes away.

It also seems to be related to color profiles. For example, one image with no embedded profile displays fine in Preview, but funked up in Photoshop. Another image with "Camera RGB" embedded displays badly in both Preview and Photoshop. Finder colors (the desktop background and folder colors, etc.) are also messed up.

Until recently, this machine was on OS 9 and didn't have any problems. This monitor goofiness is showing up with 10.3.6 and 10.3.7.

So... no help, but at least someone else has the same problem....
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yup, I know so much about icc color profiles, colorsync, etc. try opening colorsync utility, in preferences pane of it, make sure your rgb is set to adobe rgb 1998 or generic rgb, and cmyk can be generic. icc color profiles are great, currently, I get prepress to press proof quality in color things I print.

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