hiding photo library on IPHONE

Dec 24, 2009
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hey everyone...i wasn't sure where to post this topic as it ties into both my laptop and my iphone.

so the issue is...

I created a folder on my laptop for pictures that i want synced with my iphone and in that folder i have subfolders that organizes other pictures. Everything syncs properly but the pictures in the subfolders still appear in the "photo library" in my photos app on my iphone. they are basically duplicates of all the photos within all the various sub folders...i'd like to know if anyone know hows how to either delete or HIDE the folder called "photo libary". I don't need to see duplicates of all my photos because i have them organized in specific subfolders and besides...it takes up space to have duplicates....i've searched online for this and couldn't find an answer....

if anyone knows how to do this...PLEASE PLEASE PLEASEEEE reply. It's driving me nuts!

I hope this wasn't confusing...i tried to word this in a manner that makes it easy for everyone to understand...=)

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