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Helpful Forum Features

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Whether you're new or old to Mac-Forums here are some features you may find handy!
  • User Reputation System: Great way to rate individual poster's helpfulness and contribution to the community.
  • Rate This Thread: Along similar lines to the rating a user, if you find a thread particular useful or good, be sure to rate it! At the top of every thread you'll see the "Rate This Thread" button which will give you a drop down list of choices for your vote. After at least 3 people voted, the rating will be visible in the thread list.
  • Get New: Between visits there are probably many new threads and posts. At the top of the Forums, you'll see a button that says "Get New". This will list all new posts since your last visit. Very helpful!
  • Search: A great place, especially when you're new, to start. We've had many topics discussed here and one may answer a question you have. At the top of the forum, notice the "Search" button. Be sure to search before you start a new thread to see if someone has already asked or posted about the same thing.
  • RSS Feeds: You can subscribe to the forums from any feed reader to help you keep up on the latest posts.

Hopefully those few tips will help you make your visit here more enjoyable and efficient!
Not open for further replies.