Hey all. OK, I bought my iBook 12", and have been totally happy with it, except the keyboard release tabs did not seem to be working at all (Yes I turned the num lock release to see if it was locked) So after unsuccessfully adding ram(a whole other story) I tried to get the keyboard out again to fix the problem. That's when one of the keyboard release tabs popped out. Nothing "broke" actually. The tab and the spring popped out, but I have had no luck getting them back in. Anyone experience anything like this or have any sort of recommendation for me? I'd greatly appreciate it! I can't even get the keyboard out to fix the RAM so my comp is dead right now...not cool. Help!


I sort of had the same problem with mine, the keyboard on the bottom was bent, i didn't think it was a big enough problem to send my whole computer back to apple for a replacement. But it was really hard to get the thing on and off.

BTW, whats the num lock thing you were talking about?


yep this happended to my school ibook somehow my friend got i off. THey just fixed it I know I could not , but as far as other keys i have seen people rearange it to spell there name.

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