Help with wireless frequencies.

Aug 18, 2009
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I'm connecting wireless through a Time Capsule as my main base station. I recently moved rooms in my house making me further from the base station and noticed a drop in speed.

So I used an app called iStumbler to get some information about my network and neighbours networks. My network is "Jason's Network".

My Macbook is connected on channel 36 with 5GHz frequency and my iPod Touch is on channel 6 on 2GHz. I think I'm connect with 802.11n but I though 5GHz was a 802.11a channel.

I think the 5GHz frequency is reducing my range but I don't know.

All tips to get the maximum signal strength? (The attached image is the results from iStumbler)

Screen shot 2010-02-28 at 17.27.03.png
Jan 13, 2010
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East Coast
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The speed and frequency in essence are two different things. The a/b/g/n/ speeds is the speed of the transmission, while the 2-5 GHz is the frequency of the transmission. Your iPod Touch cannot transmit data on the 5GHz and will only connect at 2GHz.

5GHz will give you more distance, should be faster than the 2GHz. However, there are so many factor to consider in regard to all these issues. I'm fighting the same battle myself. In your case, being farther from the base station will decrease your speed. Distance, walls, surroundings all are a factor.

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