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Help with Video Clip Storage and Workflow

Apr 13, 2020
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I am about to poull the trigger on Final Cut Pro after using iMovie for some time. I am starting to rack up a significant amount of video clips and wondered what 'best practice' people had for dealing with those.

I travel full time in my Truck Camper ( YouTube Channel ) and currently have clips stashed in folders by country but I can imagine this will lead to the hard drive being full very quickly, especially as they are also stored in iMovie events, which I guess means that they are on the HD twice.

I also have a 2TB hard Lacie Rugged drive and would be happy to pay for a fairly sizeable Google Drive upgrade or something like the cheaper iDrive..

My questions are:

How do you deal with clip storage?
Store on HD? In the Movie making app? On an external HD? Back up to cloud? Or move between those things whilst working on them and after working on them?

Do you tend to keep originals or delete after the movie is made?

Will that change if you were moving from iMovie to Final Cut?

Thanks in advance. Any other tips would be great too.