Help with audio



I'd like some help with recording audio on my G4 MDD running 10.3.4 with 768 mb ram.

Firstly I'd like to transfer some of my old vinyl records to my HD and make mp3's out of them. But I'm not sure which socket to connect to on the back of my Mac. I've also got a music video on the HD of my satellite receiver which I'd also like to convert to an mp3. Anyone any ideas?? Are there any good audio recording programmes for OSX? I'm talking shareware, as it's not anything professional I'm after.

Thanx in advance fo your help.



To capture my vinyl I used "Final Vinyl" which comes FREE with the USB iMic. It's fast and easy.

I had to go to griffins web site and download the newest version.
The one that came with the iMic did not work.

Final Vinyl will let you save audio as a WAVE or AIFF file but you can use iTines to convert. Let me know if you need more info.

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