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My first post and first Mac. I'm a Solaris/Linux admin, also MCSE but don't tell anyone, this is my first foray into Macs. I picked up a nice Powermac G3, 533mhz, 576mb ram, 30gb hd, USB card and dual os, running 10.2 upgraded now for $200. I bought this mac to learn and to get something decent for my iPod, PC running XP has been iffy.
Anyway my question. I can't find alot on this model, its the beige square unit, and what can be put in it. I pulled the 2nd nic card and put in a Belkin FireWire card and Linksys WMP11 wireless card. System doesn't recognize either. I am running off the Linksys router with cat5, but want to get wireless running and firewire for my iPod. Any pointers, sites to look at, info? Anyone help a newbie out. So far its a great system, interface is nice, love having my console windows and flexibility.

Jul 22, 2003
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hmm thats strange because there are no beige units that came out with 533mhz

I am guessing that it was the mini tower from 1998
Its got a max of 768 mb ram uses PC66

It either has an ATI Rage II or Rage Pro card into it

You can find out more about the system if you click the Apple at the top left of the screen...hit About This Mac and there should be a button for more information. I am not really sure about the WiFi or Firewire cards
Nov 4, 2003
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It could have a different ZIF clocked to 533mhz.
Take a look at Maybe you can find something there about the compatibility of the cards you are adding.

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