Help please in finding a classic game

Jan 27, 2007
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Well I am after a particular game I used to play back in the days of OS 8/9. A link to it would be lovely. But even if not then the name of it would be lovely. I'm so am after this game though.

I can describe it to you all so it will help the search.

It is a space invaders clone basically. But with pretty good graphics at the time. And your ship was a mac. Started out as a SE or something and eventually throughout the game moved it's way up to being a G3 at max.

To upgrade the computer you picked up various 60480 and similar chips that fell down the screen from the badies you shot at. And by the end you could get some nice G3 motorola chips.

The weapon was a one shot on the screen at a time thing like space invaders. But the bullet was one of the multi coloured apples apple used ot have as their logo in the 90's. And by the end of the game you could have a bullet of 2 apples at once.

And the enemies were PCs. And at level one they were dos based. But as the game moved on they got better too. Becoming Windows based and more.

I think the name of the game could have hat this character in it - µ. But I'm not 100% sure on this.

So it's basically a space invaders clone. But a really good one.

If anyone has any info on this please to share.

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