Help needed re crashed hd

Oct 1, 2011
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Hi all.

Newbie to this forum, but not to Macs. Need some help/advice re my Mac. Have a dual core processor imac which was running Leopard.

Was running fine until i received the dreaded 'question mark' folder on start up.

Managed to get hold of an OS X CD (not my original os cd) and was able to get on to my desktop. Was in process of getting another mac set up to migrate data across when we had power cut and my imac obviously switched off.

The OS cd is still inside and i can't get it to eject. When i start the imac, the cd kicks in, but tells me the computer cant install the OS on the computer.

Wouid appreciate suggestions re recovering the data on my crashed imac. Is there any way i can simply connect imac to another imac, or am i being overly simplistic?
Also, does anyone have a suggestion re getting the cd out of the imac?

Any advice wouid be appreciated (apart from "backup in future' - learned that one already unfortunately!')


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