Help! My powerbook is very sick.

Dec 19, 2004
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Please help me. My powerbook is very sick.
It all started because every time I close it, instead of going to sleep it stays "awake" and drains the battery. so I plug it in and try to start it up.
First it was taking forever to start. OSX would load, my desktop image would come on, but not my dock or desktop icons, then it would take forever to do anything.
Then it would load OSX, again with the desktop image, but this time with a spinning beach ball and a window that told me that the date was set to a date prior to MArch 1980, (or something like that.) But b/c of the beach-ball, I couldn't click "ok" and so nothing further happened.
So I tried to reset the PMU and now it starts but gets hung up on the gray screen.


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