HELP: migrating google calendar to mobile me?

Dec 29, 2007
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Ok, so i have an iphone and until now I have been syncing my google calendar with my iphone.

I signed up for the free mobileME trial today and I am trying to figure out how to sync all my stuff from my iphone/ical/google calendar to mobileME.

Im afraid that im going to lose all my stuff in the process so I was hoping someone could guide me or make sure my logic is correct.

1) syncing straight from ical to mobile me is not an option because ical gets my google calendar via the subscription service, meaning that since the data in ical is 'uneditible' it wont sync (at least that is my assumption because it refuses to sync).

2) I cant sync the data from my iphone straight to mobile me because the first sync deletes everything. so thats not an option either.

is my best choice to: disable the microsoft exchange account i have set up thats syncing to google calendar (to protect stuff being deleted off of google while its deleted off the iphone) and then sync to mobile me. which deletes everything. then re-enable the MS exchange and sync everything back onto the phone from google, and then sync to mobile me again?

is this going to work?

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