Help me manage my Apple ID with 2 users!

Jun 1, 2010
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I was wondering if you all could help me with my conundrum.

I am trying to figure out what to do with me and my wife regarding iOS, iCloud, Apple IDs, etc. I've traditionally been the one in the home who deals with "computer stuff", buys apps, uses an iPod touch all day, etc. And now I'm all synced up with iCloud as well. We've got an iMac (mostly used by her), a MBP (mostly used by me), and an iPod Touch (solely used by me).

My wife doesn't have an Apple ID - if she buys music she just uses my account. She doesn't use the iMac for much besides internet, email, movies, etc. She doesn't use iCal or anything either, and she doesn't have an iPhone.

But I just bought her an iPad2 today, and I'm trying to figure how to work all of this. If I set her up with an Apple ID, doesn't that mean we would have to buy the same apps twice? And the same music twice? And when she (or I) takes a pic with the iPad, iCloud won't send it to my MBP...

I think really the only problem with using the same ID is if she starts using iCal. She'd see my calendars and I'd see hers, unless we made multiple calendars and made sure to schedule a new event in the "correct" calendar, and each of us could turn the other's calendars "off".

I hope I'm making sense with all of this. How do others here manage this situation when there are multiple devices and two users in the home? Thanks!


If you guys want to share apps and music (or at least have the option of doing so), pick a single Apple ID (probably the existing one) and use it exclusively for iTunes store purchases and iCloud.

You both can (and probably should) have your own separate Apple IDs for email and anything else.

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