HELP! itunes trouble



Hi all,

I have a rather long question.

How do I synchronize one iPod with two libraries/computers on iTunes?* I have one iPod, but I use it at home and home2. I need to be able to synchronize the iPod with both machines, but it’s somewhat awkward with two different libraries because of Apple’s illegal duplication prevention.

After I have set it up at home so that I can use my iTunes to delete/buy songs and create/edit playlists and then synchronize it with the iPod, it gets awkward to do the same at home2.* When I plug in the iPod in at home2, iTunes recognizes that the iPod is associated with another library (the one at home1), but only gives the option of asking if I want to REPLACE the iPod information with the outdated work iTunes information.* If that is done, all the songs and playlists on the updated iPod from home1 is erased by the older home2 iTunes information.


How I do it now, is probably the dummy way.* What I do now is:

Copy the songs in updated iPod onto the desktop
Delete the older home2 iTunes library
Replace the library with the newly copied songs from Step #1
Plug in the iPod to associate the newly revised home2 iTunes library with the iPod, which now replaces iPod information with the mirror home2 iTunes’


But the problem here is that I lose the playlists and there’s probably a cleaner way to do it.* Just from browsing around, it appears that it may have to do with exporting the song list and library.

Can someone please help me?

Thanks in advance


Nope, you can only link your iPod to one library... But you may drag your itunes folder on to your pod(using it as a hard drive) and then drag it off at the other computer!

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