help harddrive done for??



hi i'm new here but i think i'm in big trouble. I have a powerbook G4 12" and something is really wrong. It bascially froze up on me during normal operation. I then shut it down by holding the power button. It the will not restart. It would go to the grey apple screen and that was it. So i put in the rtestore CD and held the C button to get the disk repair/installer up. That came up and shwed the hard drive. I went through the first part of the install sections till it showed the selct a disk to install on except there were no choices so i couldnt procede. I quit that and went to disk repair and it start making almost a scratching noise in the left corner of the laptop closest to the user.
That all it will do now is make noises from that corner and the disk repair/install screen doesnt show a HD just the restore/install disk that is inserted.Please help me I have no idea what is wrong or why this happened. my warranty was up in august so i'm screwed that way.



Who, that's really screwed up. There's nothing you can do without screwing your PowerBook up and opening it up. I'd take it into an Apple store or your favorite mom-and-pop Apple specialist, get them to take a look at it. It probably just needs a new Hard Drive, but it may be something more serious.

If it's just a new hard drive, it'll be a few hundred dollars, maybe less if you want to put a sub-standard drive in. Plus a bit for the HD installation.

Or, if you're crazy or drunk or both, you can do it yourself, with the aid of this article:

Good luck, I'm sorry about your PowerBook :(

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