help for another computer that lags a bit more than it used to

Apr 27, 2010
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So I read this thread:

and am wondering about similar issues. Sometimes after sleeping, it takes a seemingly long time to wake up. Other times, I get the spinner. My main use is word processing and online, no games, not a lot of graphics, but I’ll have a lot of online tabs open at one time. I use Safari.

I have the 27-inch iMac (mid-2010), with 2.8GHz Intel Core i5. 4GB memory, running OSX 10.9.5. The HD has ~492 GB free out of 999GB. 4 memory slots, 2 being used with 2GB each. Activity Monitor CPU shows 96%+ idle; 3.93 of 4.00 GB of Memory used.

I did go into Disk Utility and ran both Verify and Repair. For Verify, the first time I ran it, it said backup and reformat. So I tried again. It took a couple of times before it green lighted the “Repair” portion, too.

We have a hardwire backup and a 2TB Airport Time Capsule on wifi that’s less than half full. (Doubled-down on backup, but we have a few thousand photos, a couple hundred cds, and a maybe a hundred movies on this. I don’t want to have to redo it all.) If you have suggestions for improving storage, I’d love to hear them.

Things seemed to have improved after the Verify/Repair, but should I be concerned? Should I increase memory? Why is the wake-up/boot-up slow (slower than it used to be)?

And I see I have a lot of applications relating to ArcSoft. I don’t believe I’m using that. Lots of .framework. What are those?

Sorry for sounding like a newb.
Nov 28, 2007
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Blue Mountains NSW Australia
Your Mac's Specs
Silver M1 iMac 512/16/8/8 macOS 11.6
Well as your model can handle 32GB of memory increase that. 4GB is miniscule and with Mavericks suggest at least 8GB which simply requires another 2 x 2GB from OWC or Crucial.

Personally suggest 12/16GB for those tabs.

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