Help connecting to Netgear Router

Oct 28, 2011
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I have a WNDR3400 router. Connected to this are three different access points/switches (big house and a lot of devices).

My (2) new iPhone 4's that I upgraded out of the box to iOS 5 on Saturday will not connect to this router at all. Neither will 2009 Macbook Pro (OS X Lion), and a 2nd Gen iPhone (iOS 3.1.3). Now a 4th Gen iPod touch (before and after iOS 5 upgrade) doesn't work.

The router is fine, connected to it are 2 Dell Win 7 laptops (2.4/5Ghz), 2nd Gen Touch (iOS 4.2.1). 3rd Gen Touch (iOS 5), and a Wii (wireless 'g'). ALL of these work flawlessly. All of these devices also can connect to the access point in my man cave if they venture too far from the family room. Everything else is wired, so of no concern. Each MAC address on my network also has a static IP address assigned, easier to watch for intruders this way with this much activity.

So the iPhone 4's will connect to the Belkin b/g access point in my family roomor the 'b/g/n' access point in my man cave. But we are not usually around that one, so the iPhones will NOT connect to the WNDR3400. I have done the following troubleshooting steps:

Reset router, reset iPhones and Mac. Can't use 'Forget Network' because it won't connect at all anyway.

I removed ALL security settings, nada.

I changed the SSID, nada.

Disabled 5Ghz (I don't know why), but nada.

Tried with WMM on and off, nada.

Set up QoS setting the iPhones MAC addresses at varying levels of priority, nada.

Went through all channels 1-11, nada.

Set wireless modes to 54, 145, and 300 Mbps, nada.

I've tried the following security modes:




WPA2-PSK [AES] My normal setting



I am fairly savvy at getting devices to play nice with each other and my network was working great so everyone.

The Mac and old iPhone are my son's toys, I tried to connect his Pro while running Win 7 and still having the same problems.

Please help all you Mactacular people!

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