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May 4, 2007
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South Korea
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13.3" White MacBook
Hello and goodevening. I am new to using Mac's and fairly new to Unix/Linux. I have been running Debain Etch on my desktop for a few months now.

I just purchased my MacBook tonight during my dinner time. It was the last one, the display MacBook. I was in such a rush to buy it and eat dinner before going back to work, that I failed to realize I would need the Administrator username and password they set up.

From the accounts menu, I can see the Admin accounts name appears to be "Power Zone". I have read the help file on resetting the admin password via the install disk; but putting in the disk and going to utilities, but there doesnt seem to be a program for resetting the password.

Anyone in the military knows that you buy everything from AAFES, so I have been trying lots of different combinations for the password... But I am also in Korea, and all the workers in our PX are Korean. So it is very likely the password is Korean.

Sooooo, any help resetting the admin password would be very appreciated! I would do a clean install, but I need the password to do that also!

EDIT: Nevermind, I read another help file that told me to hold down "C" while it restarted. And it all went smoothly from there.

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