HELP! CD/DVD Disk Drive Not Working!



Hi guys! I am new to this forum and desperatley need your help with a major headache.
I have a problem with the CD/DVD disk Drive on my iBook G4.
The other day I inserted a CD-ROM with some MP3 files that I was going to copy to iTunes but for some reason my iBook wouldn't recognise the disk. Then I attempted to watch a DVD which was ok for a few minutes and then it said that iDVD had suffered from an error that it could not recover from. It suggested that the DVD might have been scratched or dirty. On inspection it did feel a little 'sticky' so I tried a different DVD. The exact same thing happened and on inspection of the disk it too felt 'sticky'. I thought that maybe the first disk had 'soiled' the lense and so inserted a DVD lens cleaner. I ran the software without any problems, but then the iBook refused to eject the disk. I finaly managed to remove the disk using some tweezers (it was slightly protuding). Now the thing won't work at all! It won't accept insertion of a CD or DVD.
Does anyone know why the CD-ROM/DVD's became 'stcky' ? - my iBook has not had anything spilt on it and it is not possible that it got contaminated in my bag!!!!
My iBook is approx 6 months old and has been trouble free until now!
Does anyone know how I can rectify the situation? I realy don't want to take it 'instore' unless absolutly necesary as I need it on a daily basis!
I would be greatfull for any advice or guidence!!! :confused

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