Help! Can't sign in to my new Mac!

Dec 4, 2011
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First of all, Greetings fellow Mac users! I'm new to the crowd!

Second of all, I have a problem. Here's what happened:

I was trying to do a carbon copy of my HD but it couldn't finish because my backup partition had run out of space. I did a restart before changing my partitions. But on restart the system stalled before even shutting down. It was that grayish white screen. I could still move the mouse. But after a while of it not shutting down all the way to restart, I went ahead and manually shut it down. Then, I tried logging back into Mac OS. I got as far as the log in screen, but after I put in my password, it gave me the spinny for a while and then said:

"you are unable to log in to the user account "{x}" at this time.
Logging in to the account failed because an error occurred"

I can't boot into the carbon copy because it didn't finish the last sync, so I get a different error over there.

Is this a problem I can fix? Is there a file I can tweak from within windows if I boot into windows (i have a dual boot set up) and get paragon hfs+ to read the drive?

I really don't want to lose everything I've worked so hard on. :(

Btw, I'm on 10.7.2 64bit


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Jan 23, 2008
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Reboot your machine holding down the Shift key. If that works, it should boot in Safe mode. From there you may be able to repair whatever is corrupt.

If that doesn't work, try booting holding down the OPTION key and select the Recovery partition. From recovery you can make repairs to the file and folder system using Disk Utility. You can also correct some hard drive errors.

If none of the above works, you may have to reinstall Lion and create a new user account.

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