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Help! 3G 15GB is kaput?!



Hi all,

I got my 15GB 3G iPod for christmas (christmas 04, just gone!) (hoorah!) and I totally love it. Then, from last Monday it refuses to start up! It just doesn't get past the Apple Logo and I have NO IDEA what happened! I've toggled the hold, reset it, let the battery run down and then charge it up! It won't sync with my mac or anything so I can't restore it!

We got it from Comet (UK) for about £200 (then reduced to the £100 mark I think) I think in early December. Should I send it back to apple? If so what would they do to it?

I've also listened to it just and it sounds like the HDD is trying to be read yet it can't... a little noisy.

Any and all help is appreciated!
Jan 24, 2005
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sounds like its just 'hung'

most 3g's do that sometimes when its been left for a while unused

if you are getting the apple logo.

the first fix to try is make sure its charged, and with it still plugged into the
mains press and hold extreme left button and menu together for 10-20 seconds - it will ramp up as normal.

if not try menu andd first button to the right together for 10- 20 seconds
if u still cant get it on go here www.ipodlounge.com where you will find 3g troubleshooters.

kind regards


Tried it hehe just got off the phone to a VERY helpful Apple man, totally awesome, UPS are coming to pick my iPod up on Tues or Weds and will be replacing it for another 3G he said. Apparently it'll be here within 4 working days. If it is then i'll be totally blown out of the water. I'll say it'll arrive 1 week on Monday ;)


My 3G always does that and like mango said it's only when it's not used for like 3 or 4 days straight..lol you don't have to send it back, just toggle the Hold button 3 or 4 times leave it on Lock (orange) for 2 seconds and then switch it back..then hold the menu and play/pause buttons and it'll restart fine