Hello... New Mac user with a headache!

Nov 1, 2011
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I didn't see a spot to say hello or anything so if I missed it, I'm sorry.

I'm a computer tech by trade. I specialize in software, hardware etc but mostly on Windows bases systems. I'm actually a tech for the local intermediate school district. A group of about 6 or so of us are responsible for all the K threw 12, tech centers and adult education and training school builds computers, networks, A/V, you name it, we handle it.

I recently moved from one building to another and was issued an older MacBook w/ a Intel Core 2 Duo, which sorta sucks coming from an Intel iCore5 system.

Ahh well... Anyway this Mac stuff is given me a headache. I'm a Windows guy by trade and education.

Any good places I could start with some general how to info? I see some in this forum section but thought I would ask for peoples opinions.

We have a Windows 7 image on our server setup to install on these Macbook's but I think I wanna try to learn Mac first. I have a Win7 laptop in my bag too so it's not like I can't grab it if need be anyway.

Anyhoo, thanks!
Aug 17, 2010
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These forums are a good source of information. Here's a link to the recent switcher part of the forum Switcher Hangout - Mac-Forums.com Also Apple's website has a great amount of information for recent switchers like Mac 101, etc. Here's a link to the main support page Apple - Support. Their forums are really good too.
May 19, 2009
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Waiting for a mate . . .
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Mac's.

Have a look at these for starters .....
Mac Switching 101
Mac 101
MacTricksAndTips ~ 100 Essential Mac Apps
Mac OS Menu Bar Items
Mac OS Keyboard Shortcuts
Mac downloads ~ Apple

Adium ~ Chat Client
Growl Notifications
SuperDuper or CarbonCopyCloner ~ Both make bootable copies of your HD
HandBrake ~ Video Converting
Burn ~ As it says A Burning App
Transmission ~ p2p client
Skitch ~ Screen capture and more
VLC ~ Video player that plays most codecs and does a lot more
Perian and Flip4Mac Makes watching certain codecs easier ... This is Essential IMHO
Audacity ~ Play with Music App
CandyBar ~ Mods all your icons, and dock
MainMenu or Oynx ~ Does the same as Disk utility only more thorough
Quicksilver ~ Works like Spotlight but way way better and does so much more
StuffitExpander ~ Opens Zip and rar files and more
Lil Snitch ~ Firewall type App that looks at your incoming and outgoing traffic
and last but certainly not least .....
AppTrap ~ Once installed it sits in System Preferences and deletes all associated files of anything that you put in the trash ...

Should keep you busy for a while lol
And be sure to return.


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