HDMI Input to new iMac 5K

Jul 14, 2008
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Scotland, UK
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nMP 6-core/32Gb/D700/512Gb: rMBP 15" 2.3GHz/16Gb/512Gb: iPhone 6 128Gb: iPad Air 2 128Gb: NEC PA322U
Hello all,

After lusting at the iMac 5K retina I have pulled the trigger on a custom order version with the 4GHz i7, 16Gb RAM and 512Gb SSD.

My current setup is a MacBook Pro 15" w/Retina 2014 model, a very capable machine but I can't resist the jump in resolution from my Dell U3014 monitor.

In my office I have a Sky set-top box which I connect to the monitor via a HDMI cable and use the monitors built in 'Picture-in-Picture' feature to watch TV and work a the same time or switch to HDMI for full screen viewing.

I don't like dual screens and will be putting my monitor on eBay although would like a device I can plug into the iMac which can do the job I'm after.

I am not interested in recording the video/audio as the Sky box has a built in hard drive, no requirement on receiving audio over HDMI either as I connect the box to a DAC via optical.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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