HDD partition problem

Mar 25, 2010
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Hello, I'm having trouble reformatting my HDD in my white macbook 4,1. When i first bought my macbook i decided it would be a good idea to partition my disk and install Ubuntu 8.04, which was no problem. I now realize I have little use for it and want that space back for snow leopard. I figured the easiest way of doing this is reformatting my drive doing a clean install of snow leopard and restoring from time machine. I say this is the "easiest" way because i also want to get rid of those annoying Linuxswap partitions and the only way i know of doing this is by reformatting. My problem is when i pop in my snow leopard DVD it wont let me install snow leopard to my Macintosh HD partition. It will only let me select my linux partition (Disk0S4). I tried using Disk uitilty on the snow leopard dvd to repair the partition and everything checks out but at the end of the repair it says "Updating boot support partition for the volume is required." So my questions are: 1. How do i update boot support for the partition and 2. will this fix my problem and allow me to do a clean install on my Macintosh HD partition?

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