Feb 28, 2007
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Kennewick, WA
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rMBP 3.06Ghz, MBP 2.2Ghz, Mini G4, B/W G3 (Media Server), LCII, Beige G3
I don't want to put a lot of strain on my local drive and I've got a lot of apps and I use all of them at some point or another. I have an ext hd that I want my laptop to backup to, and I'm aware that I will not be able to view a lot of files when the hd is disconnected but I need the space.

If some of you could give me a how-to to backup Ilife programs data to my ext hd it would be greatly appreciated. I already have a lot of Ilife apps with data in them so I would need to know how to back up those to a folder on my hd and still have the application notice them.

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