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hd-HomeRun + elgato EyeTV3


Jun 15, 2007
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for a hi def tv, running an external antenna. Silicon Dust/ hd-HomeRun box connected to a microsoft file server in a 100t network. with the mac software from elgato/ EyeTV3 running in a macbookpro 10.5.4 on a 80211g wireless network.

since i take my macbookpro with me to work it will not be on the home network all the time. I plan to use the mbpro to view all the video (either realtime or recorded) and use the mbpro to setup a record schedule into the HomeRun box.

this requires the HomeRun box to be able to store the record settings and access the microsoft file server. the fileserver is on a 100t network, the drives are 500g raid 01 through a pci-x bus card so some luv has been done to achieve some moderate speeds.

-will the HomeRun box run by it self to record on a pre set schedule
-will the HomeRun box be able to access the file server
-anticipate any band width issues, 100t network to the fileserver and 80211g from the macbookpro to the 100t network?

thanks everyone!
Jun 25, 2005
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2011 MBP, i7, 16GB RAM, MBP 2.16Ghz Core Duo, 2GB ram, Dual 867Mhz MDD, 1.75GB ram, ATI 9800 Pro vid
Do a Google search for the words; hd homerun tuner. I found a site that describes the/a box and has forums there.

Unless your network has a lot of other heavy traffic, it should handle the video transfer fine. Wireless can have hicups but that may depend on other traffic or the size of the file you'll be viewing over the network. Using another system, I sometimes found it better to copy a file to my Mac for viewing. Sorry, I can't remember more details.

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