Hard Drive or LION issue?

Nov 1, 2011
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This has happened twice in one week.

A routine disk verify was performed and returned errors. I reboot into the recovery drive and run disk utility. To validate the first finding, I run disk verify again. Same failure. Then I run repair disk. Disk repair fails. After this, the system will not boot. Now, even the disk utility 'sees' the main particitian, but it's grayed out. when i go to retore Lion, the main partition is not seen at all.

The kicker is that two different hard drives are involved. The first is a 500 gb Western Digital and the second is a 750 gb seagate. System is a mid-2009 MBP with 8gb ram.

I performed a full system backup this weekend but do not have it with me and will not have access to it until this weekend. Any help out there? Or am I just screwed?


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Jan 23, 2008
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You state two hard drives are involved. Your main concern should be with the boot drive, assuming the second hard drive is either external or just for data.

If Disk Utility is refusing to verify and repair the boot disk, it may not be repairable. You would need something like Disk Warrior to see if the disk is repairable or not. Reinstalling from backup is not going to work if the disk is really defective.

BTW, you can download a trial of Disk Warrior before spending $99.00 to purchase it.

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