hard drive installation help

Apr 14, 2010
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so im thinking about ordering a new hard drive ( 320 gb wd scorpio black) for my macbook model 5,1. im buying a new one because i feel that my macbook right now is seriously slow :p with only 9 gb's left. My macbook right now is on 10.5.8 (not snow leopard) but im wanting to install snow leopard onto my new hard drive so that when i start up my macbook with the hard drive in it is just plain ol snow leopard untouched(factory settings) and then after that il just obtain the data i still want from my old hard drive via connecting old hard drive as an external drive. so im just not sure of the procedures to do this so help please :)

p.s i have my transferring tool from newer technology already so i can connect my hard drive as an external to my macbook

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