Griffin Firewave - Only 2 speakers

Nov 27, 2006
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West London, England
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Ok so i have done everything the manual says and i still only get sound out of 2 of my 5.1 surround speaker setup.

According to the griffin support if while playing itunes u only get sound out of 2 speakers then do the following:

iTunes defaults to two channel output, even if the FireWave is plugged in and is the active output on the Macintosh. However, you can enable the FireWave to output music to all of the speakers in a surround sound setup. To hear iTunes music thru all of the speakers in a surround sound setup, you will need to follow these simple steps:

Open the FireWave application.
Select the Surround Tab.
Check on the Pro Logic II box.
Select Music mode.
That's it! iTunes should now be playing thru all of the speakers in your surround sound setup.

However when i do this i get nothing coming out... strange no?

Any suggestions?
Dec 22, 2010
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Surround Sound with iTunes & FireWave

Make sure that before you open FireWave you open the midi/audio from your applications and utilities folder. You have to set the Griffin FireWave as the output device. Select multi channel 5.1 surround. The set the device a 44.1. The open FireWave from Applications and select ProLogic and check the Music box. Go to set the speakers and select the surround square at the bottom. It's just a small graphic square showing the five speakers. Uncheck the Bass Management and test the speakers in the output. Each speaker should make a static sound. Close out and restart your system. Sometimes FireWave will disconnect and you have to reset the FireWave application so kedep it on the dock. Works fine with mine using Mac Mini with FireWave

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