Grey box "you need to re-start you computer" EVERY TIME i turn on Ibook- HELP ME!!??

Apr 20, 2007
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Los Angeles/London
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Ibook g4
Hey everyone,

So I have an ibook g4. Recently a grey box came up on screen randomly saying something along the lines of "you need to re-start you computer" and then in a couple other languages underneath. The background dims and you have no choice but to turn the computer off because the mouse curser dissappears also. My computer will work for like 30 seconds, then this box will come up EVERY TIME I turn on the computer.

I have no idea what to do about his? I am on a friends computer right now and trying to find out what to do. If you have any ideas and think you can help me PLEASE reply or you can contact me on AIM naughtytr0jangrl

Thanks guys,

Jan 18, 2006
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It's a kernel panic, which means something is very wrong with your operating system software OR you have a hardware problem like bad RAM or a dying hard drive.

Get the OSX disk that came with your iBook, restart the iBook, put the OSX disk in and hold the "C" key down to force the machine to boot from the CD (you might have to repeat the restart if you don;t get the CD in fast enough)

Then the OSX installer will start. Make the language selection if you are prompted. Don't proceed into the installer, but rather look in the Installer menu at the top or the Utility menu at the top - look for Disk Utility. Open that.

Choose your hard drive in the Disk Utility screen, and run a Repair Drive operation. Does it complete successfully? Are there any notices of unrepairable problems, or a S.M.A.R.T. status saying the drive is failing? If so, take the machine to a technician.

If it crashes while booted from the CD then its a hardware problem. May be a bad RAM module. You can remove the RAM module and try with just the built in RAM. (takeapart instructions at

Restart. Does it work from the hard drive without crashing? If not restart from the OSX CD and try an "Archive and Install" (NOT Erase)

This will not help if there is a hardware problem. It may help if its an OS problem.


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