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Graphites Bragging Rights

Feb 25, 2003
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Tropical Island, Jealous?
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MacPro 3.0Ghz 16GB RAM, 4x256 Vid, 30''cinema display
Alright for all you using AIM...

If you notice there is a "?" mark on the bottom left side of the buddy list. Click on it. Then scroll all the way down.. to topics. Click it. Now scroll all the way down again. You will get to "Applescript" Click on About bots. You will see FSBot: Lichen ;) pretty sweet eh! Thats my site and my program!

www.firestormcreation.com we rule!
Oct 27, 2002
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Cleveland, Ohio
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MacBook Pro | LED Cinema Display | iPhone 4 | iPad 2
Congrats Gaphite....

But who in the world actually uses the AIM client still? :p

::Runs away and hides:: :D

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