Gmail IMAP and Mail.App -- All mail ANNOYANCE!

Dec 30, 2005
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Okay - so hopefully someone here can help me out.

I just got a new mac and I wanted to ensure that I keep my mail all synced between it and my other one so I switched my GMail email account to IMAP. I only really access it on my mac (never use the web app) but I wanted to make sure that if i use one mac to receive my emails and send some that they will show up in the inbox (and sentbox) on my other mac. I was told IMAP would ensure this. Great!

well I set it up and now I've got a bunch of local folders ( [GMAIL] with All Mail, Spam, Drafts, etc.) along with the apple MAIL folders.

I dont want these Gmail folders but I can live with them... however the duplicates are driving me up the wall. Everytime I get an email it shows up in the inbox (great!!) along with gmails All Mail folder -- and it's marked as unread. Now I've got to make sure both get tagged as read (in inbox and all mail) and not only that I have duplicates of this mail.

I dont want this. All I want to do is make it so that it functions like it did with POP. Like I said I don't really use any special folders with Gmail since I do it all on my mac anyways. I want my drafts to be saved to my drafts, my sent save to my sent, and my new mail to show up in the inbox and thats it.

HELP! Is it possible!? I found which explained how to get sent/drafts/spam sort of nice and working but nothing about the inbox duplicates...

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